Frequently Asked Questions

Why start using RYN?

To prevent Cybercriminals from gaining access to the “private–information” contained in your electronic files and selling it on the Dark Web to bad people.

How easy is it to encrypt a file with RYN?

Easy as ABC! First, go to rynfile.com and register. Note: Only a RYN user can encrypt and decrypt a RYN file. Next: Login choose Encrypt a file and click on ENCRYPT and the encrypted file is downloaded, and you are done. Next: you must remove the unprotected file from internet access. If you have a data breach/hacked they will take all your files and sell the content to bad people.

What kind of files can I encrypt with RYN?

You can encrypt any type of file with RYN: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .jpg, .png and many more.

What is the .ryn file type?

The .ryn file represents your encrypted file, which can only be accessed through an authorized code given by you. Just like .rar stands for an archived file, .ryn stands for an encrypted one.

How do I know which data to encrypt?

RYN allows you to choose the files on your computer that contain “private–information” that you never want anyone to access. In just a few seconds encrypt a file and it is protected for the life of the file. That simple!

How can I identify my RYN files?

Every file you encrypt with RYN can be identified by the .ryn suffix. For example, the file you choose to encrypt has a file name of – Medical Records.pdf. After the file has been encrypted by RYN the file name is – Medical Records.pdf.ryn Just look for the .ryn suffix.

Can I share RYN files?

Yes. You can share RYN files with other RYN users. RYN allows our users to share RYN files with other RYN users by attaching the RYN file to an email. If you can make a PDF and attach it to an email you will not have a problem using RYN to send documents safely through the internet.

How safe is it to share RYN files?

Very Safe! Why? Because we use bank–grade encryption to protect your files. RYN’s central service creates a forensic audit of every file you encrypt with RYN for the life of the file. No other encryption service provides this.

Are my files stored in RYN’s database?

No! RYN will never have your files because you do. RYN users have total control of where the file is stored and who is allowed to access it. That is why RYN is so important in our digital world. If you are hacked and your files are stolen the thief will not be able to open the file. This makes the stolen files worthless to the hacker – nothing to sell – but priceless to our users.

Who can access my RYN files?

That is up to you. You can store the files on your device or in the cloud or you can share them with other RYN users.

How can someone open an RYN file?

First, go to rynfile.com and register. Note: Only a RYN user can encrypt and decrypt a RYN. Next: Login choose “Open a RYN file” and choose a file, then click on Submit. If the file is protected with a password you will be required to put in the password. If you do not have the password you will not be able to access the RYN file. Any attempt to open the RYN file with the incorrect password RYN will send the creator of the RYN file an email notifying them of your attempt.

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